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Competition & Community
The Wright Stuff in The City of Sports

In Competition & Community, Alan Wright recollects life growing up in Lachine in amazing detail. The city has a history as a breeding ground for producing high-level athletes in many sports. The Lachine Racing Canoe Club, a powerhouse in the early years of the sport, was reputed to have influenced many to be resilient and aim higher in all walks of life. Although I did not have the good fortune of witnessing the glory years in real time, Competition & Community inspires the reader to follow the flame which was lit many years ago. This book serves as a glowing reminder of a great town to have grown up in. 

--Mark Granger

Olympic Canoe-Kayak Coach

Paperback ©2022

6 x 9" with over 300 b&w photos

386 pages

ISBN 978-0-993837-86-9

$34.95 + shipping


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