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A Boomer in Kenya
A Cuso Volunteer Experience in the 1960s
Donald Houston

After his successful book, A Boomer in Lachine, Don Houston continues his story with A Boomer in Kenya. It vividly recounts the excitement and challenges faced by Houston and his new wife, Cheryl, when they spent two years as Cuso volunteers in Kenya in the late 1960s. With an abundance of colourful and occasionally humorous anecdotes about daily life in the recently independent African country, A Boomer in Kenya is truly a joy to read.


Robert N. Wilkins

Grandad's Montreal, 1901

Paperback ©2022

6 x 9" with b&w photos

122 pages

ISBN 978-0-993837-87-6

$19.95 + shipping

Available at the following Montreal and area bookstores;

Argo, Barbar, Bonders, Chapters-Indigo Pointe Claire, Clio.


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